Form of Call-Off

Last modified at: November 07 2022


This Call-Off order is entered into on [date] (the "Effective Date") by and between:

1. [Customer], a [Norwegian] limited liability company having its registered address of business at [Address] and company registration number [reg. no] (the "Customer")


2. Axaz AS, a Norwegian limited liability company having its registered address of business at Rolfsbuktveien 4D, Fornebu 1364, Norway and company registration number 926 559 745 (the "Supplier")

The Customer and the Supplier are collectively referred to as the "Parties".

1 Type of service

The Customer wants to license the following Services provided by the Supplier, as described below:

  • [Insert relevant Service specifications]

The Supplier will issue purchase orders with a unique reference which refers to this Call-Off order.

2 Technical information

[Insert relevant technical information regarding the Services]

3 Customer participation

[Describe how the customer shall prepare and participate to enable the supplier to deliver the services as planned. If the customer must complete different tasks during specific time periods, this must be specified here.]

4 Start-up and changes 

4.1 Start-up

[Describe the start-up time, either a specific date for the entire service, or broken down into partial deliveries, using the table below. If liquidated damages shall accrue in case of failure to meet any of the deadlines, this shall be stated in part 4, section 1 below.]

4.2 Approval period and test plan

From the start-up time, an approval period of [fill in period] applies. The customer shall carry out the following test plan during the approval period in order to detect any errors. [If specific correction deadlines shall apply during the approval period, they shall be set out in this section.]

4.3 Notification of changes

The supplier shall notify the customer of any changes in the service that may affect the security, the service level or the customer's possibility to use the programs included in the service. [Provide information about the circumstances in which the supplier is obliged to notify the customer (for example, before software updates that may affect the integration with the customer's other systems) and deadlines for such notification.]

5 Pricing

Price for the first stage of implementation is NOK [Price], excluding VAT. The implementation cost will be invoiced [% upfront] upon on start of the project and [% after implementation] after implementation.

Monthly license and managed service fee is NOK [Monthly fee], excluding VAT. 

The customer has the opportunity to purchase additional assistance beyond the offered solution at Axaz’s standard rate of NOK [Standard rate], excluding VAT. 

All travel costs are billed to the customer separately.

The customer is invoiced [# months in advance] months in advance for license and managed service fee.

The customer will make all payments due to the supplier within [Payment terms] days from the date of each invoice.

The Supplier may change prices, in case of changes in public taxes or fees that affect the supplier's costs in providing the service.

The Supplier's rates may also be adjusted in accordance with the change in the consumer price index once a year.

The contract period is 5 year, but may be shortened due to termination of the agreement. The customer may terminate the agreement with a notice of 60 days before the beginning of each billing date. If not terminated within this time period the agreement will be terminated from the next billing period. 

6 Addendums and amendments agreed upon after the conclusion of the Agreement

The parties shall prepare separate documents describing the agreed changes and attach these documents to this appendix. The parties shall use the table below to keep an overview of agreed changes by noting the date of the change, writing a brief summary of what the change is about and providing reference to the document with the changes.

7 Representatives of the parties and notices

Customer Representative: [Name, email address and telephone number customer rep.]

Customer Address: [Address]

Supplier Representative: [Name, email address and telephone number]

Supplier Address: Rolfsbuktveien 4D, 1364 FORNEBU


[Location], [date]