Seamless data flow across systems. Experience the feeling of having one system.

Today, many systems are poorly or not integrated, leading to a lot of duplicated work and inefficiencies from having to enter the same data into multiple systems. Many businesses have invested heavily in integrations to create data flow between systems, but changes are often expensive to implement due to high complexity, leading to resistance to change and low flexibility.

Axaz offers efficient and forward-looking cloud-based integrations. We use market-leading technology that enables us to deliver integration services faster and more cost-effectively than traditional integration development.

Become less dependent on systems and streamline your daily operations. We help you create data flow and get your systems to work together so employees can spend time on value-adding tasks.

Dataflow between systems

Solve complex IT challenges by integrating systems, on-premises and cloud-based applications, data sources, and devices across a complex organizational structure.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Integrating systems together can help businesses streamline and automate heavy and manual business processes, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Customized to your business needs

Axaz customizes integration solutions based on the customer's business needs and has a delivery model that enables continuous realization of changes and new requirements.

Connect systems and applications quickly and easily.

At Axaz, we provide integration as a service. This means that we function as an integration partner that addresses all your integration needs, combined with managing and maintaining the integrations and solutions as a whole. You can scale the capacity as needed, ensuring that you're always utilizing resources optimally and creating the most value.

Every business is unique. Therefore, we recommend that you connect your choice of integration solution with your business needs and goals. This will help you define which features to look for in the integration solution.

At Axaz, we address integration needs using the market-leading integration platform, Boomi. Additionally, we have expertise and experience with integration solutions from several major technology vendors.
Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform that allows you to easily connect different systems, applications, and data sources. The platform supports various integration forms, including application-to-application, data-to-application, and B2B integrations. Boomi also provides functionality for data quality, master data management, and API management.
We can provide you with expertise in integration solutions from several major technology vendors.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure offers a range of integration solutions that make it easy to connect various applications and systems. This includes Azure Logic Apps, which allows you to build workflows and integrations using visual tools, as well as Azure Service Bus, which provides reliable messaging between applications and systems. Azure also has functionality for API management and hybrid integration.
Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform provides a range of integration solutions to help businesses integrate different applications and systems, and automate workflows and data transfer. GCP integration solutions include Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Composer, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, and Apigee.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services offers integration solutions that allow you to connect cloud-based applications and systems. This includes AWS AppSync, which lets you build APIs for mobile and web applications, as well as AWS Step Functions, which provides functionality for building workflows and integrations. AWS also has functionality for API management and hybrid integration.

Continuous management of the integrations

Axaz develops and manages the integration processes and implements future changes or new needs according to the customers' business needs.

Integration as a service includes:
  • Data flow according to your needs
  • Ongoing management of changes and new needs
  • Ensures that the integrations work optimally
  • Monitoring the integration processes
  • Handling error messages
  • Customer support

Increase efficiency and save costs with seamless data flow between systems and applications

Integrations from Axaz are developed and managed in a new and future-oriented way. We build the integrations using cloud-based technology from Boomi, which means that you as a customer do not have to worry about making changes to the systems your business uses.