Seamless data flow across systems. Experience the feeling of having one system.

Today, there are many systems that are poorly or not integrated. This creates a lot of duplication and inefficiency by having to register the same data in several systems. Even though many companies have invested heavily in integrations that create data flow between systems, many experience that future changes often are expensive to implement due to high complexity. This ofeten ledas to change refusal and low flexibility.

Axaz offers efficient and future-oriented integrations in the cloud. We use a market-leading integration platform that enables us to deliver integration services faster and more cost-effective than traditional integration development.

Become less dependent on systems and automate everyday life. We help you get the systems to play together so that employees can spend their time on value-adding tasks.


Connect systems and applications quickly and easily.

Data flow between different systems

Solves complex IT challenges by integrating systems, on-premise and cloud applications, data sources and devices across a complex organizational structure.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs

By integrating systems, companies will be able to streamline and automate heavy and manual business processes.

Tailored to your business needs

Axaz adapts the integration solutions to the customer's business needs, and has a delivery model that enables changes and new needs to be realized continuously.

Data flow based on business rules

Higher data quality with standardized data flow

Opportunity for Master Data Management - one truth for important data

Increased efficiency and freeing up time for employees

Eliminates the need for manual entry of similar information in several different systems

Reduces the need for all employees to have access to all systems

Flexible delivery model

Use of market-leading integration platform

Achieve seamless experiences for customers, employees and other partners

Continuous management of the integrations

Axaz develops and manages integration processes and implements future changes or new needs according to customers' business needs.

Integration as a service includes:
  • Data flow according to your needs
  • Ongoing management of changes and new needs
  • Ensures that the integrations work optimally
  • Monitoring the integration processes
  • Handling error messages
  • Customer support

Market leading integration platform

Axaz uses the market-leading integration platform from Boomi. The platform enables seamless integrations between systems and applications that facilitate efficient data flow. The platform is cloud-based which provides advantages such as flexibility, agility, scalability and high availability.

Increase efficiency and save costs with seamless data flow between systems and applications

Integrations from Axaz are developed and managed in a new and future-oriented way. We build the integrations using cloud-based technology from Boomi, which means that you as a customer do not have to worry about making changes to the systems your business uses.