Application development

Automation of workflows and development of business applications using no-code/low-code development platforms.

Many companies have processes and tasks that are completely unique and that are not supported by today's standard systems. This means that many tasks are performed manually and it is challenging to have control and keep track. In addition, it is vulnerable because the knowledge and information is distributed to individuals, in various Excel sheets and in tons of emails.

Imagine that tasks and information flow seamlessly. You have a complete overview over tasks and deadlines, and you can get an see the status at any time. It reduces risk, increases efficiency and creates a simpler everyday life for everyone.

With the digital workflow service , you can easily digitize today's manual tasks and reduce Excel sheets and e-mails to a minimum. With a great process understanding and the use of leading Low-Code solutions, we quickly realize digitized and automated work processes.

No-code/low-code solutions

Agile and innovative solutions for developing business applications. The technology enables faster and more cost-effective solution development compared to traditional methods.

Sømløs informasjonsflyt

Enables data flow and integrations across systems. The interfaces between processes and systems allow for seamless flow of information and data.

Samarbeid på tvers av virksomheten

Information is collected in one place, making it easier to collaborate and reducing frustration. Data is available when you need it, and shared efficiently and securely.

Choose a solution that meets your holistic needs

Application development using no-code/low-code technology will undoubtedly contribute to accelerating digital transformation and increasing innovation and productivity in multiple industries. With a growing need for digital solutions and an increasingly technologically advanced world, no-code technology will play an ever-important role going forward.

We recommend choosing a platform that comprehensively and future-proof covers the needs for application development. This includes factors such as user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, scalability, compatibility with good integration capabilities towards existing systems, and strong security features.

At Axaz, we have expertise and experience with several market-leading development platforms such as Appfarm and Microsoft Power Platform.
Appfarm is a comprehensive no-code development platform. The platform enables us to design powerful, intelligent, and innovative business applications tailored to your organization
Microsoft Power Platform
Power Platform is a low-code platform that allows users to build and customize applications, automate processes, and create data flows across the organization.

The platform consists of several tools, including Power Apps, Power Pages, and Power Automate.
Power Apps
This is a tool that allows you to build custom business applications. You can use Power Apps to build apps that work across different devices and integrate with various data sources and services.
Power Pages
Power Pages is a low-code service that allows you to build, host, and manage web portals. These portals can be used to interact with customers, partners, and suppliers, and can be integrated with data and business processes from multiple sources.
Power Automate
This is a workflow automation tool that allows you to automate tasks and processes across different applications and services. You can use Power Automate to create workflows that automatically perform actions when certain conditions are met, such as sending an email when a new task is created in a specific application.

Digitize manual processes

Axaz digitizes your manual work processes and makes your work life easier.