Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture as a service gives you an overview of your IT environment, and secures your digital journey.

We live in a world in constant change. At the same time as technological development is accelerating, the complexity of your business is also increasing. The need to have control and see the whole picture has never been greater. Today, this is often solved with manual overviews, flow charts and diverse documentation. These provide limited insight and makes it challenging to connect the dots and the result is a reduced ability to make rapid and controlled changes.

By using the Architecture service , we help you save costs and solve complexity by identifying overlapping, outdated or unnecessary systems. Axaz helps you get an overview and to see the whole picture. We use market-leading tools and automate the mapping, while at the same time providing you with valuable visualizations that ensure continuous insight and control.

Control over your IT-environment

Acheive transparent overviews of systems, users and data flow while reducing costs and complexity, as well as gaining control of GDPR

Plan for the future and increase the capacity for change
Enables data-driven and fast decisions, as well as migration to the cloud with a clear plan on which systems should be phased out and where the opportunities for improvement lies.
Link strategy to technology
Get an overview of which technology that realizes various strategic initiatives and capabilities in the organization.
Continuously updated architecture
Axaz manages your architecture continuously so that you do not have to spend time or maintain expensive expertise in business architecture and systems.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your current situation and a clear vision of your future goals

Figur som beskriver optimalisering av applikasjonsportefølje.

Optimize the portfolio of systems

Identify which company areas and technology you should invest in and what technologies and areas that are overlapping or do not support your needs and should be candidates phased out.

Figur som viser systemer og applikasjoner.

Analyze the effect of changes

Get an overview of how the systems and applications are connected and how they affect each other.

Figur som viser gap mellom strategi og teknologi

Overview of the gap between strategy and technology

Identify features and areas with weak interfaces and lack of support.

Illustrerer kompetanse og dataflyt mellom systemer

Overview of competence and data flow between systems

Get an overview of the organization and identify system owners employees' access rights, the competence level of the various employees and much more.

Continuously updated architecture

Axaz manages your architecture continuously so that you do not have to spend time or possess expertise in business architecture and systems.

Architecture as a service includes:
  • Continuous updating of the architecture
  • Ensures that the software works as well as possible
  • Architecture monitoring
  • Correction of errors
  • User access management
  • Reporting
  • Customer support

Tecnology partner

Axaz uses the market leading architecture tool Ardoq, which gives you a continuous and automatic overview of your business. Ardoq documents the company's projects, business processes, applications, services, infrastructure and everything else you can document in a structured way.

Read more about Ardoq

Become data driven and gain control of your business

Axaz manages and updates the architecture continuously so that you do not have to spend time or manage expertise in business architecture and systems.