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Axaz was inspired when Aker took over the mission to save the world from Chuck Norris. 
The doppelganger Chuck-alike Norris alone has helped companies with IT problems and opportunities. 

Axaz is now taking on the toughest task of making companies data driven and ready for the future!

Chuck-alike, Axaz will take it from here!

Problems we solve

Systems that doesn't talk to each other

Company's systems that's not integrated and requires you to to transfer data manually between systems. It's time consuming and leads to errors.

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Architecture
  • Integration
  • Data management

Unavailable data

Companies generates a significant amount of data, but struggles to utilize and create value from it.

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Architecture
  • Integrations
  • Data management
  • Data analysis

Use of many different usernames and passwords

Company employees have different usernames and passwords for different systems. It's demanding to manage and have control and access rights are often assigned randomly. This leads to situations where information security and privacy are not well enough taken care of.

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Managed cloud services
  • IT security

Time consuming reporting and analysis

The company spends a significant amount of time exporting and transforming data from various systems for analysis. Furthermore, analysis and reporting work is time consuming and inconsistent. Changes in systems or integrations mean that the solution is not robust and stable over time.

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Integration
  • Data management
  • Data analysis

Unstructured and fragmented information

The company generates a significant amount of data from different sources and systems, but the information is fragmented and unstructured, which makes it difficult to get value out of it.

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Architecture
  • Data management
  • Integration

Unsure of cybersecurity

Companies are regularly exposed to cyber attacks and the cyber threat is increasing. Are you unsure whether data, or employees' connections from PCs, mobiles and other devices are secure?

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • IT security
  • Managed cloud services

Insufficient control over system competence

Do you have many applications and systems, but lack an overview of who has expertise in the various systems?

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Architecture
  • Managed cloud services

Lack of control over agreements, suppliers and costs

Do you have a lack of control over agreements, suppliers and associated contract durations and costs?

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Architecture
  • Managed cloud services

Need for increased change capability

Do you find that customers or employees expect improvements, development or innovation that are challenging to meet? It's a well-known problem that it's difficult to know where to start, especially when the needs for change are many and the expectations are high. Where should I start and where are the low-hanging fruits?

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Architecture

Unsure of GDPR

The company does not have an overview of where the company's data is stored. This leads to the risk that the company is in breach of GDPR regulations.

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Managed cloud services

Lots of manual work

There are often tasks and work that are not well enough covered by today's systems, and it is challenging to find great stand-alone solutions that meet the needs.

Depending on the need, one or more of these services may be the solution:

  • Architecture
  • Digital workflow
  • Integration

Critical, but poor systems

Do you recognize yourself in the fact that you have critical systems that are not very user-friendly, outdated and do not support future business needs?

Axaz solves this with the following services:

  • Architecture
  • Digital workflow
  • Integration

Accelerate customers innovation and business development through data

Are you tired of expensive implementation, poor results and an IT partner who does not understand your business needs?

The people in Axaz have over 20 years of experience working between companies and IT suppliers to realize customer needs. We have experienced that today's IT suppliers have challenges in meeting customers' expectations related to costs, pace and choice of solution.

Axaz was born in the cloud and uses cost effective and market leading technological solutions. Axaz is a proactive partner that provides services that ensure security , gives you a full overview of the company architecture and create data flow between systems . We make you data driven and enable a full overview of data in real time.

Axaz is driven by customers business needs and uses flexible working methods and tools. We make it possible to gradually replace services and solutions provided by traditional IT suppliers without large initial investments . With Axaz as a partner, you can continuously and easily convey your needs, and we will come up with suggestions for a solution without you needing cutting-edge expertise to translate them.

No one knows what the future will look like, but with Axaz on the team, you can be sure that you well equipped.

experiences computer attacks every year
septillion of data is generated every day

Axaz's services gives your business a competitive edge and prepare you for the future

We manage the services for you so that you can focus on developing the company.

Gives you an overview and secures your digital journey

We live in a world in constant change. At the same time as technological development is accelerating, the complexity of your business is also increasing. The need to have control and see the whole picture has never been greater.

Today, this is often solved with manual overviews and forms. It provides limited insight and it is challenging to connect the dots. This reduces the ability to make rapid and controlled changes.

By using the Architecture service, we help you save costs and solve complexity by identifying overlapping, outdated or unnecessary systems. Axaz gives you the whole picture.

We use market-leading tools and automate the mapping, while we give you valuable visualizations that ensure continuous insight and control.

Secures the company's digital values

The threat picture is constantly increasing and computer crime is something all companies are exposed to. More and more systems are being moved to the cloud, at the same time as the workforce is more mobile. This makes it challenging to take care of safety properly.

Today's main focus for companies is to secure physical infrastructure, while cloud services are not adequately taken care of. The solution lies in maintaining the security of physical infrastructure, while securing new technology in the cloud.

Axaz secures your systems and infrastructure with market leading solutions and Zero Trust architecture. We secure your organization regardless of the place and devices used. Yesterday's concerns related to patching and updating physical servers and firewalls will soon be forgotten.

Gives you control in the cloud

The use of cloud services contributes to increased flexibility and more efficient ways of working. At the same time, this creates challenges related to control and proper use in terms of security, privacy and costs.

The traditional way of operating and managing IT services is outdated. Many companies are unsure of how this will be done in the future.

By letting Axaz manage your cloud services, you leave the management to a proactive partner who gives you a controlled, secure and optimal use of your cloud services. Managed cloud services also enable solutions such as secure login with a single username and password to the systems in the company.

The people at Axaz have solid experience in managing cloud services and use market-leading tools to ensure continuity and valuable insight.

Automated workflow and reduced chaos

Many companies have certain processes and tasks that are completely unique and that are not supported by today's standard systems. This means that a number of tasks are performed manually and it is challenging to have control and overview. In addition, it is vulnerable as knowledge and information is distributed to individuals, in various spreadsheets and tons of emails.

Imagine that tasks and information flow seamlessly. You have complete control over tasks and deadlines, and you can get an overview of the status at any time. It reduces risk, increases efficiency and creates a simpler everyday life for everyone.

With digital workflow, you can digitize today's unique and manual tasks while reducing spreadsheets and emails to a minimum. With good process understanding and the use of leading low-code solutions, we quickly realize digitized and automated work processes.

Seamless data flow across systems. Experience the feeling of having just one system

Today, many have systems that are not integrated. This creates time-consuming an manual work with registering data in several systems. Others have invested heavily in integrations that provide data flow between systems, but has aquired technical debt and it demand large investments when changes are needed. In addition, it is vulnerable to replace systems.

Axaz offers efficient and future-oriented integrations in the cloud. We use a market leading integration platform that enables us to deliver integration services faster and more cost-effective than than traditional integration development.

Become less dependent on systems and automate everyday life. We help you get the systems to play together and become less critical.

Collects, prepares and makes data available for insight and analysis

Many companies generate huge amounts of data and export data from many different systems when performing analyzes. Often the data is poorly structured which makes the job of preparing and transforming the data  intensive and manual. This means that analyzes are not carried out often enough and the quality of the data may be deficient.

Axaz collects, structures and transforms all data across systems in a cloud-based data platform. This enables fully automated reporting and analysis in real time. The platform will result in you having a robust and stable data base for insight enabling you to make the right decisions for the future.

Provides you with automatically updated reports, analyzes and visualizations in real time

Companies spend a significant amount of resources on reporting and analysis. Extensive use of resources often means that the work is carried out infrequently, inconsistently and with a varying quality. The consequence is that the insight contained in the company's data is not utilized well enough.

Imagine that you have automatically updated reports that at all times give you valuable insight into finances, sales, deliveries, customers, employees and production etc.

Axaz offers insightful analyzes and visualizations based on the company's business needs. We provide automated real-time dashboards that provide decision makers with the information and insights required to make operational and financial decisions. This allows you to spend time on more value-creating tasks.

Brilliant teamwork
Focus on quality
Be in front
We care

Humans are our most important resource!

Axaz is a value driven and a learning organization with the goal of being one of Norway's most attractive and exciting companies for talented people who want to work with market-leading technology and companies.

Axaz has a philosophy that our employees will flourish and deliver value for customers in a an environment where there is little bureaucracy, great development and large opportunites for making an impact. In Axaz, you get the opportunity to work agile and interdisciplinary with exciting customers. In addition, you get the opportunity to be part of a passionate team that cares.

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