About Axaz

Correct value, faster

Axaz aims to contribute to the increased competitiveness of businesses through data-driven business development and innovation.

Who is Axaz?

The people at Axaz have over 20 years of experience working between companies and IT vendors to meet the needs of customers. We have found that today's IT vendors have challenges in meeting customer expectations related to costs, speed, and choice of solution.

Therefore, we solve IT and business needs "as a service" that realizes solutions and deliveries faster, more cost-effectively, and creates more value. The delivery model (managed service) ensures stable and secure operation of the services while facilitating the continuous realization of new business needs in collaboration with customers.

Axaz was born in the cloud and uses cost-effective and market-leading technological solutions. We are a proactive partner delivering services within enterprise architecture, application development, integration, data warehouse, and business intelligence.

Axaz is driven by customer business needs and uses agile work methods and tools. We make it possible to gradually replace services and solutions provided by traditional IT vendors without major initial investments. With us as a partner, you can easily convey your needs, and we will suggest solutions without requiring expertise to translate them.

No one knows what the future will look like, but with Axaz on your team, you can be confident that you are best positioned.

Contact information

Daniel Klemetsen

Business Developer

Even Wetten

Sales Director