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Our mission

Axaz will accelerate customers innovation and business development through data

Accelerate customers innovation and business development through data

Are you tired of expensive implementation, poor results and an IT partner who does not understand your business needs?

The people in Axaz have over 20 years of experience working between companies and IT suppliers to realize customer needs. We have experienced that today's IT suppliers have challenges in meeting customers' expectations related to costs, pace and choice of solution.

Axaz was born in the cloud and uses cost effective and market leading technological solutions. Axaz is a proactive partner that provides services that ensure security , gives you a full overview of the company architecture and create data flow between systems . We make you data driven and enable a full overview of data in real time.

Axaz is driven by customers business needs and uses flexible working methods and tools. We make it possible to gradually replace services and solutions provided by traditional IT suppliers without large initial investments . With Axaz as a partner, you can continuously and easily convey your needs, and we will come up with suggestions for a solution without you needing cutting-edge expertise to translate them.

No one knows what the future will look like, but with Axaz on the team, you can be sure that you well equipped.

experiences computer attacks every year
septillion of data is generated every day
Born in the cloud and with customer needs in the center

Axaz's services are developed based on long experience of working between customers and IT suppliers.

Focus on business needs

As a customer of Axaz, you can continuously come up with business needs that translate, solve and implement and operate.

Based on market leading cloud technology

Axaz uses market leading and recognized technology to deliver the best and most forward looking solutions.

Focus on maximum value for the customer

Axaz manages the services continuously for you, so that you can focus on the operation and development of the business.

Focus on data and ability to change

Focus on creating insight out of data and enabling continuous automation, innovation and increased ability to change.