Digital workflow

Automated workflow and reduced chaos.

Many companies have processes and tasks that are completely unique and that are not supported by today's standard systems. This means that many tasks are performed manually and it is challenging to have control and keep track. In addition, it is vulnerable because the knowledge and information is distributed to individuals, in various Excel sheets and in tons of emails.

Imagine that tasks and information flow seamlessly. You have a complete overview over tasks and deadlines, and you can get an see the status at any time. It reduces risk, increases efficiency and creates a simpler everyday life for everyone.
With the digital workflow service , you can easily digitize today's manual tasks and reduce Excel sheets and e-mails to a minimum. With a great process understanding and the use of leading Low-Code solutions, we quickly realize digitized and automated work processes.

Automates work processes

Achieve efficiency and automation of today's manual tasks.

Leading Low-Code Solutions
Flexible and innovative solutions for developing business applications.
Easier collaboration
Information is gathered in one place which makes it easier to collaborate and creates less frustration.
Better data flow
Enables integrations and flow of data across systems.

Digital workflow solves your needs for unique solutions through:

  • Good understanding of business needs
  • Flexible methodology and Low-Code solutions
  • Continuous opportunity for change and further development (DevOps)
  • Possibility of integrated information flow with other processes and systems
  • Possibility of integrated master data management
  • Robust and stable operation and management
Programming nocode platform

Market leading platforms for digital workflow

Axaz uses the cloud based platforms for digital workflow, Betty Blocks and Appfarm. The platforms allows us to design powerful, smart and innovative business applications tailored to your business.

Digitize manual processes

Axaz digitizes your manual work processes and makes your everyday life easier.