Data analytics

Provides you with automatically updated reports, analyzes and visualizations in real time

Companies spend a significant amount of resources on reporting and analysis. Extensive use of resources often means that the work is carried out infrequently, inconsistently and with varying quality. The consequence is that the insight contained in the company's data is not utilized well enough.

Imagine that you have automatically updated reports that at all times give you valuable insight into finances, sales, deliveries, customers, employees and production etc.
Axaz offers insightful analyzes and visualizations based on the company's business needs. We provide automated real-time dashboards that provide decision makers with the information and insights required to make operational and financial decisions. This allows you to spend time on more value-creating tasks.


Access to business intelligence dashboards

The Data Analytics as a Service service gives the business access to standardized and automated Business Intelligence dashboards that give decision makers the necessary insight to make the right decisions.

Data analytics dashboard

High quality analyzes

Contiously updated insight that means something to your business, and which ensure that the management can make quick and insightful decisions based on up-to-date data at all times.

Streamline processes

Eliminate manual reporting and reduce margins of error, so employees can spend more of their time on value-added tasks.

Trustworhty data

Rest assure that the analyzes and data you see always match the real situation of your business.

Continuously updated analyzes

Axaz develops, implements and manages analyzes, reports and dashboards so that you can make decisions based on high quality and insightful data.

Analytics as a service includes:
  • Ensures quality and availability of analytics, reports and dashboards
  • Ensures that the software works optimally
  • Monitoring of customer analyzes and reports
  • Correction of error messages
  • Customer support

Get the most out of your data

Let Axaz take care of your data and get detailed and visual analyzes so you can make insightful decisions for your business.