Security as a service secures your systems and infrastructure.

The threat picture is constantly increasing and cyber crime is something all companies are exposed to. More and more systems are being moved to the cloud, at the same time as the workforce is increasively getting more mobile. This makes it challenging to take care of safety properly. Today's main focus for companies is to secure physical infrastructure, while cloud services are not adequately taken care of. The solution lies in maintaining the security of physical infrastructure, while securing new technology in the cloud.

Axaz secures your systems and infrastructure with market-leading solutions and Zero Trust architecture. We secure your organization regardless of the place and unit used. Yesterday's concerns related to patching and updating physical servers and firewalls will soon be forgotten.

Secure your business with Zero-Trust architecture

With Zero-Trust Network Access, the network's attack surface is reduced. When employees are connected, they and the network are protected with identity-based access rules, two-factor authentication (2FA), traffic encryption, monitoring and more.

Access monitoring

Stop chasing false alarms with 24/7 cloud security monitoring and expert management

Real-time security monitoring

Sophisticated monitoring including analysis and data managed by security experts who help identify deviations from routine incidents.

Overview of the gap between strategy and technology

Accurately reported event logs and direct monitoring to meet compliance standards

Least privileged access

To reduce the network's attack surface, Axaz uses the principle of least privileged access. Access to resources depends on the role and entity of the users.

Why choose security as a service?

  • You can avoid having to deal with multiple network and security providers
  • Unites network and security through the cloud
  • Instead of just securing the physical locations, Axaz secures users regardless of location
  • Replaces traditional VPN with zero-trust architecture
  • Replaces on-premise firewalls with firewalls in the cloud
  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs
  • Saves you the hassle of updating and maintaining physical hardware

Secure your business today

Let Axaz take care of the security of your business so you can focus on your core values.