Managed Cloud

Gives you control in the cloud.

The use of cloud services contributes to increased flexibility and streamlines ways of working, but at the same time makes it more challenging to have control and ensure that the use is sound in terms of security, privacy and costs.
The traditional way of operating and managing IT services is outdated, and there are many companies that are uncertain about how the management of cloud services will be done in the future.

By using the managed cloud services service from Axaz, you outsource the management of cloud services to a proactive partner who gives you good control, along with optimal and secure use of the cloud services. Managed cloud services also enable secure login with a single username and password for all systems.
The people at Axaz have solid experience in managing cloud services and use market-leading tools to ensure continuity and valuable insight.

Gives you control in the cloud

Manage and connect the same users to their devices, applications and networks

All on one platform
Manage all operations on one platform and gain control of the entire organization regardless of users or device location.
One identity
Create a contact point for user administration and authentication. Securely connect users to their workstation, network, applications.
Set up modern security measures with built-in tools, in addition to market-leading Zero-Trust security.

The service is adapted to your unique needs


  • Data processor agreements and privacy
  • Use of "single sign-on" and user administration
  • Costs for cloud services
  • Where different types of data are stored
  • Contract management
  • Security review
  • User and cost optimization
  • Modernization measures
  • Measures that must be taken to comply with imposed requirements and laws

All on one platform

Axaz uses a market-leading platform for managing access and rights. Jumpcloud is a "cloud directory platform" that gives users secure access to the organization's systems and applications regardless of the user's device or location.

Read more about Jumpcloud here

Increase the flexibility and efficiency of your organization

One cloud-based solution for managing user identities, accesses and resources.